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Monday, July 24, 2017

Types of Addictions

Types of Addictions

Types of Addictions

The dictionary meaning of the word addiction is, 'being abnormally dependent on, or tolerant to, something that is physically or psychologically habit-forming'. People tend to become habitual to the use of a particular substance, or behaving in a particular manner, so much that they cannot live without it. This begins to affect their physical, mental, social as well as financial well-being. It tends to destroy a person's life, and many have devastating consequences. These consequences not only affect the person who is addicted, but also his family and loved ones. Let us have a look at the list of different types of addictions.
Types of Addictions
Various Types of Addictions
Addiction tends to impart a temporary phase of motivation, euphoria, calmness or satisfaction to the mind. A person tends to pursue these feelings, and consistently crave for these substances. It diminishes the power of the brain to control and abstain from these cravings. There are basically two categories of addictions. These include behavioral addictions and substance addictions.

Types of Behavioral Addictions

A person is said to suffer from behavioral addiction when he/she cannot control or stop doing a particular activity, or is obsessed with something or someone. It does not involve the ingestion or administration of any kind of substances. Even if they find that their obsessive behavior is ruining them, and causing even those around them to suffer, they do not stop.

Food is required for survival. However, some people tend to eat as if there is no tomorrow. They are obsessed about food, and crave to munch on something even if they are not hungry. You will always find them eating or drinking something or the other. Their desks will be full of food parcels, and you will find them eating when they are happy as well as when depressed. They do not seem to control their food cravings even after they realize that they are suffering from obesity.

People gamble as a recreational activity. But some people make gambling their life. They gamble regularly, and enjoy the adrenalin rush in their bodies when they are playing. They never seem to stop even if they suffer from huge financial losses, and disrupted family relationships.

Computers and Internet
Nowadays, people tend to be hooked to the computer, and have no social life. It leads to sleep disorders, and other health problems. A new kind of Internet addiction is being observed nowadays. It is the famous Facebook addiction! Users of this social networking site are hooked on to it continuously. They get the urge to update their Facebook profile and status; they are always eager to see what their friends are doing online at all times; and become restless if they cannot access it.

Obsessive love addictions are those where a person gets a rush due to the feelings he/she experiences when in love. In this case, the addict is either in continuous search of new love or is obsessively in love with someone. The addict tends to become totally dependent on that person for his/her emotional needs.

Love and sex are two different addictions. In love a person gets thrilled when he/she falls in love. In case of sex, a person is totally into a relationship for sex. The person may visit prostitutes, masturbate repeatedly, get involved in voyeurism, and obsessively think only about sex. He/she may even seek cybersex or phone sex. Such an individual tends to have numerous affairs, and one-night stands.

We are all dependent on different relationships in our lives. However, when one becomes dependent on a relationship, all he wants is to make the other person happy. The addicts overlook their own needs, and fulfill the needs of their partners. They try to cling to the person, and fear abandonment.

A person who is obsessed with pornography, and is always viewing films, video clips, photographs, or is reading about adult content is said to be experiencing porn addiction. They begin to imagine these sexual acts, and masturbate to repeatedly get the thrill of sex.

Well, most of us have an allergy for work. However, there are a few people who are addicted to it. This is called workaholism! However, it has some undesirable consequences like lack or absence of social or family life. Even when on a vacation, these people are in some way connected to their work. This may lead to stress, and increase the risk of heart attacks.

Many health journals recommend exercising for a healthy lifestyle. However, some people become obsessed with the way they look, and keep exercising to get the shape they want to be in. They enjoy the adrenalin and endorphin rush that comes with long hours of exercise.

Women are known to be shopaholic. Yet, going on a shopping spree occasionally is okay, but shopping compulsively is not. When one goes to a store to buy a pair of jeans, but returns with bags full of shirts, shoes, purses, and other accessories, it is a sign of shopping addiction. These people cannot help themselves from buying stuff they do not need. They may even hide their bills from their partners and friends, as they always tend to go over budget.

Video Game
More and more teenagers are suffering from video game addictions. It is okay to indulge in playing games for some time. But, spending hours on end playing video games is not okay. These people forget eating, sleeping, and even studying, till they do not complete a particular session. These addicts will spend all their money to purchase new games and gaming consoles.

Types of Substance Addictions

Substance addictions are those when a person tends to ingest or administer himself with a certain substances like drugs, alcohol, etc. Most of the time, these substances are used for recreational or medicinal purposes. The psychological feelings and euphoria they seem to impart, tends to make a person addicted these substances.

One of the commonly observed addictions today is caffeine addiction. People tend to drink coffee and tea as a socially accepted beverage. However, caffeine tends to have neurostimulatory effects, and helps a person stay awake. It gives mental alertness, and imparts calming effect on the mind. But, when one tends to drink more than 4-5 cups of coffee or tea in a day he/she may be addicted to caffeine. These people cannot work till they do not have a cup of their favorite caffeine beverage. They become restless to have it, they can't concentrate without it, and they seek relief only by downing their favorite drink.

Alcohol addiction is one of the most common addictions plaguing society. People from all walks of life tend to suffer from alcohol addictions. Most of the alcoholics drink to overcome their feelings of anxiety, depression, and low self-confidence. Later, they tend to develop tolerance to alcohol, and begin to drink more to achieve the same 'high'. They spend more time drinking alcohol, and are unsuccessful in their attempts to give up drinking.

Nicotine addiction through smoking and chewing tobacco, is the second leading cause of death around the world. Nicotine is a drug that causes euphoria, and makes the person get used to the feeling. It also helps reduce anxiety, and has sedative effects on the mind.

One of the most expensive drugs in the market is cocaine. It is one of the most widely abused substances in the United States as well as other parts of the world. This drug causes euphoria, and increases sexual desire. It leaves the users filled with energy, and gives them a feeling that they can achieve anything in the world. It tends to make a shy person more outgoing. Addicts find all their five senses heightened. It also suppresses appetite, that makes users intending to lose weight more attracted to it. Soon, they lose control over their lives, and tend to rob their own families. These addicts may take up criminal jobs just to earn money. As I have mentioned, cocaine is a very expensive drug, and highly addictive. The obsession to the drug makes the users dependent on it, and even brings them to the brink of suicide.

Patients are given painkillers that contain opiates, a type of narcotic drug. It is usually given to people who are in great pain due to serious injuries, and/or have undergone some major surgery. These opiates give the patient a feeling of well-being, happiness, in other words, make the patient 'feel good'. The patient begins to develop a strong desire or compulsion to take the drug. He/she feels that without the drug the pain will intensify. Their body begins to grow tolerant to the drug, and the patient begins to take high doses to achieve the effect. This drug abuse leads to liver damage, abrupt changes in mood, and impairment of cognitive functions.

Heroin is one of the most addictive drugs that gives an instant high to the user. It gives a certain 'rush' to the brain that gets people hooked to it after single use. It can either be injected, snorted or smoked. It tends to affect the central nervous system, and slows down respiration. Over time, regular use of heroin lowers the respiratory rate so much, that it may lead to instant death.

Methamphetamine, also called 'speed' or 'chalk', is available in crystallized form, and looks like ice. It can be inhaled by smoking, and therefore called 'crystal', 'ice', 'glass', etc. It induces euphoria, and helps people lose weight. However, regular use damages the central nervous system. Crystal meth effects include sleep disorders, physical exhaustion, failure to regulate body temperature, etc. The drug induces a feeling of superiority in the user, and its effects can last for 3 to 18 hours.

You may recognize marijuana by names such as 'pot', 'weed', 'herb', 'chronic', etc. It is the most widely used illegal drug in America. Marijuana causes problems with concentration, inflammation of the whites of the eyes, paranoia, stupor, etc. It has a major impact on one's health as well as life.

There are many more addictions a person can suffer from. Some people are addicted to eating chalk, some are addicted to looking good and tend to undergo a number of cosmetic operations for that! Athletes tend to get addicted to the use of steroids.

All these addictions lead to destruction of one's life. Personal relationships take a backseat, and professional life goes down the drain. One tends to be pulled deeper and deeper into the abysses of downfall. If you have a problem, first come out of the denial mode. Seek help as soon as you can, it will save your life, as well as that of the others around you. There are many ways that will help you escape drugs, and various other addictions. Remember that too much of something is never good.